The PhD in Child Studies of the Institute of Education, University of Minho is organizing the 2016 Child Studies Symposium on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July at the University of Minho, in Braga, Portugal.

The Child Studies Symposium is an opportunity for all Child Studies PhD students to share their research projects, which might be at different stages of development. The 1st year PhD students will be able to present their thesis projects and submit them to the critical scrutiny of specially invited researchers from other programs and universities, during research presentation and debate meetings. 2nd and 3rd year PhD students will also be able to share and discuss the development of their research.

The Child Studies Symposium is open to participation for all current and past PhD students of the University of Minho Child Studies PhD Program. It is also open to all other researchers working in the field of Child Studies, anywhere in the world. Academics from the Institute of Education and the University of Minho are invited to attend as well. The languages used in the symposium will be portuguese and english.

Consult the provisional program clicking here.

Admission is free and participantes shall receive a certificate of attendance.

How to submit my work?

Submissions must be delivered in one of the indicated scientific areas.
The text and presentation must be in one of the two seminar languages: portuguese or english.

The presentation modes are the following:

poster (5 min. oral presential or digital)
oral communication presential (15 min.)
oral communication digital (10 min.)

Work Submission Areas

1. Visual Arts Expression and Visual Communication;
2. Drama Education;
3. Special Education;
4. Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation;
5. Music Education;
6. Childhood Literature;
7. Elementary Mathematics;
8. Supervision Methodologies in Early Childhood Education;
9. Developmental Psychology and Education;
10. Child Health;
11. Sociology of Childhood,
12. Other topics in Child Studies.

Mandatory elements

Abstract to scientific evaluation, beetween 1000-2500 characters;
Full paper with a max of 5000 words;
4 keywords,
Short CV of 3 lines.

Click here to consult rules applied to posters.

Articles should be written in APA Style and be sent via Easy-Chair until May 27th.

Important Dates New

Work submission deadline:
April, 9th, 2016
Scientific committee response:
April, 30th, 2016
Full paper submission deadline:
May, 27th, 2016
* Video file of remote presented submissions deadline: June, 27th, 2016
* The file should be sent via weTransfer to the event email.

More info

We inform that a compilation of the works is expected to be published in an e-book with ISBN.

Symposium Mobile App

A mobile app with all the conference information is available!
To access it, just shoot the next image with a QRCodes reader (for instance, NeoReader, which can be obtained free of charge at your cellphone Playstore).

Scientific Committee

Alexandra Gomes
Ana Paula Loução
Ana Paula Pereira
Ana Serrano
Ana Tomás Almeida
António Osório
Beatriz Pereira
Camilo Cunha
Carla Antunes
Cristina Parente
Ema Mamede
Fátima Vieira
Fernanda L. Viana
Fernando Azevedo
Flor Dias
Graça Carvalho
Helena Vieira
Manuel Sarmento
Natália Fernandes
Nelson Lima
Pedro Palhares
Rui Ramos
Sandra Palhares
Sara Silva
Teresa Sarmento
Zélia Anastácio

Organizing Committee

Beatriz Pereira
Helena Vieira
Natália Fernandes
Fernando Azevedo
Fernanda L. Viana
Helga Castro
Inês Silva
Marta Pinto
Silvana Martins
Marta Carvalho
Sérgio Sousa
Eline Silva Rodrigues
Leonel Lusquinhos
Carla Haide
Alexandre Rocha

Ready to take part?